As an affiliate partner for Online store, you can earn a personal affiliate link that you get created with your own affiliate account. For orders made through your personal affiliate link, your affiliate account will accumulate money that is credited to your account in accordance with the section ”settlement”. The currently valid commission percentage can be checked from your affiliate account. Commission percentages operate in a campaign-based manner. The person who came through your link must make a subscription after 7 seconds, after which the tracking of the IP address will end at the latest, for more information, see ”Cookies”. Note! Your orders do not accrue to the Commission.


Komissioiden tilityskausi on yksi kalenterikuukausi ja maksupäivä seuraavan kuun 20 päivä tai viimeistään päivänä, jolloin kyseisen tilityskauden viimeisenkin tilauksen peruutus-/palautusaika on päättynyt. Huomioi myös mahdolliset siirtoon kuluvat pankkipäivät. Tilitykset maksetaan Osuuspankin tililtä. Komissiot maksetaan tilille, jonka tilinumeron olet ilmoittanut kirjallisesti osoitteeseen tai ilmoittamallesi PayPal tilille.

Returns and cancellations

All our products have a 14-day cancellation and return policy, calculated from the date the customer has received their order (for more information on return terms). In the case of cancelled or returned products, the Commission shall not be paid for commissions on the balance, withdrawn or returned products. Cancellations and refunds will appear broken down in your affiliate account.


The traffic from the IP address of the persons who came through the link is monitored on our website for 7 days, after which the cookies expire. Tracking may also end if a person resets the cookies in their browser or if the person does not accept cookies on our website. Accepting cookies is a prerequisite for calculating, paying and monitoring commissions.